New BBC Radio 4 series for Memories of Britain Past author Juliet Gardiner

Juliet Gardiner, historian, broadcaster and author of Memories of Britain Past (Reader’s Digest, RRP £19.99), is presenting a new ten-part series on BBC Radio 4, ‘The History of the Future‘. The first episode is broadcast at 1.45pm on Monday 10th September.

How we lived, worked and playedThe popularity of TV series such as the BBC’s Call the Midwife and Turn Back Time demonstrates the wide public fascination with what life was like in mid-20th-century Britain – a period in which Britain changed perhaps more definitively than at any other time in its history.

“This book will remind you of how life was before many of those changes happened, starting from the very beginning with the birth of a new baby, through school and how people worked, to home and social life and, finally, celebrating our special occasions…. The mid 20th century was a challenging, rapidly evolving era, and it was in many ways the crucible of the Britain we inhabit today.” – Juliet Gardiner

In her book Memories of Britain Past: the illustrated story of how we lived, worked and played,  historian and broadcaster Juliet Gardiner looks at the key areas of everyday living from the early 1930s to the end of the 1970s – childhood, work, housing, entertainment and celebrations – and, with the help of unique and evocative photographs from the Getty Collection, brings them to life again.


Memories of Britain Past (Reader’s Digest, RRP £19.99, hardback, 27 September 2012) is a truly fascinating read for anyone with an interest in social history and for those nostalgic about how life really was in days gone by.

Author of Memories of Britain Past


Juliet Gardiner is a former editor of History Today. Now a full-time author and broadcaster, her books include The Thirties: an Intimate History, and The Blitz: the British Under Attack. She was the historical advisor on the film Atonement and appeared in the BBC series Turn Back Time: The High Street and The Family, and in Channel 4’s The 1940s House. Her website is


Juliet is presenting a new ten-part BBC Radio 4 series The History of the Future, from September 2012.

More information about the series here.

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