About Us

F&W Media International is a community-focused, creator of content (for books, e-books and digital downloads) and marketer of products and services for hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Our Books & eBooks

We are home to the David & Charles imprint, bringing the very best in creative innovation and authoritative publishing to the illustrated non-fiction marketplace, and a leader in the craft market.

In collaboration with our publishing partners we also handle the sales & distribution of:


Our Products

Our direct to consumer eCommerce sites offer a range of helpful information and products for crafters and enthusiasts:

 Our Communities

We are an authoritative, trusted voice, inspiring, informing and connecting communities:

  • Stitch Craft Create, an online community for all makers and  bakers and is designed to offer free inspiration to encourage a creative lifestyle.
  • Free-eBooks Library, Stitch Craft Create offers free projects and includes a free online library of eBooks dedicated to craft and sugarcraft.
  • Creative University (CU) is an online education programme that provides learning opportunities for busy creative professionals offering online courses and webinars to help explore topics that are key to your career growth and success, or that just help you progress in your chosen hobby and realize your creative goals.
  • Stitch Craft Create Business is a community dedicated to the craft professional offering insightful information to assist your craft business growth as well as interviews with popular craft authors and craft business professionals to inspire your success.

F&W Media International LTD is the international arm of F+W Media, Inc. (USA)